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Hyper-V Snapshot Remover
Hyper-V Snapshot Remover is simple to use Powershell based Tool with a GUI based on Winforms to help you delete defective Virtual Machine Snapshots.

Sometimes if a VM on an Hyper-V crashes while creating a Snapshot, Snapshots can fail and hang in a state where its not possible to delete them trough Hyper-V Manager.

At this Point the only Option you have is using Powershell to delete These Failed Snapshots.

To make it easier for People or Customers that dont have that great of an understanding of Powershell, i created a Powershell based Programm that executes the proper Commandlets and Shows you all your Options on a Gui so that you dont have to use the Powershell Console.

Hyper-V Snapshot Remover - Main

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